Drug free pain relief

People with back pain may believe they have no choice but drug or surgery to alleviate the pain.

No so, say Chiropractors in Los Angeles. Many times back pain is nothing more than a spine that has shifted out of proper alignment. A visit to a Chiropractor in Los Angeles will first evaluate your pain and where it made be coming from. Sometimes this means taking an x-ray of the spine to determine exactly which vertebrae may be out of alignment.

Then, using a combination of external drug-free therapy that includes gently re-aligning the spine, the chiropractor makes adjustments. When the vertebrae are properly lined up, the spinal cord is also in the property position. Nerves coming out of the spine are also put back into proper places.

This spinal adjustment can often relieve pain in other parts of the body like arms and legs. Neck pain and headaches can be reduced and often eliminated after a visit to a chiropractor in Los Angeles.

If you have been diagnosed with regular pains and your family doctor has suggested drugs or invasive surgery, consult with a chiropractor Los Angeles doctor before undergoing these treatments. Drugs have side effects and surgery can have complications, including death.

Spine and back surgeons also say their surgery is not always 100 percent. Sometimes such surgeries can make matters worse. And once you’ve been operated on, there’s no way to undo the surgery and the incidental damage that caused.

Chiropractors only gently put bones back in their property place and order so the nerves running through and beside these bones will also be in their proper places.

A chiropractor in Los Angeles can save you the expense of monthly prescription refills and the possible dangers of surgery. Call Dr. Tom today to find out how miraculous chiropractic treatment can be for you!