Our advanced, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements are thoroughly researched and clinically shown to provide real, measureable benefits to your health and well-being.  The Pain Relief Center offers a wide scope of supplements and vitamins from Joint support to Omega 3 complex, probiotics to B-stress complex to Tumeric (a natural anti-inflammatory supplement) to all-natural, grass fed whey protein powder.

We also offer a wide selection of medical equipment that can be used to complement your treatments at PRC and alleviate pain at home; among them are wireless tens units, collars and braces for the neck and back, ice packs, Orthogel analgesic, exercise balls and jump ropes. Digital X-rays are available on-site.

Sleeping and Orthotics

chiropractor los angeles technogel mattress

The Pain Relief Center also boasts a spacious Technogel showroom; and in it are an array of specialized pillows and mattresses designed to provide exceptional support of the head and neck in various sleeping positions.  Technogel utilizes highly technical and innovative memory materials that keep your spine in optimal alignment while you sleep, while the cooling gel conducts heat dispersion to lower body temperature while reducing inflammation.

For bodies out of balance, our custom-made shoe orthotics are a lifesaver.  We address structural problems starting with the feet, and custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are used to bring balance and stability to correct any imbalances.  Our state-of-the-art foot computerized foot scan allows us to tailor-make each insert, providing the necessary support for aching arches and alleviating any resulting pain.

Call us now so Dr. Marinaro can recommend the best supplement for your optimal health!